Training Topics

Diversity and Inclusion

All people are different. It is these differences that make organizations and communities strong. Though interactive and experiential based training, we will explore these differences, their importance and ways to break through the biases and stereotypes that cause tension between people.


What is race? What is racism? Through dialogue, we will explore the topics of race, power and privilege, their history and where do we go from here.

Unconscious Bias

Diversity and Inclusion, civil rights, human rights… There has been a long fought battle to eradicate discrimination. Much attention has been paid to the overt and intentional “favoring” people have done. What about the underlying negative feelings towards some and the feeling of superiority towards others. Everyone has bias. This interactive training explores the biases people have and how can we be aware of them.

Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI)

Our ability to navigate cultural differences plays a large part in our success as an individual, organization, community or school. The IDI helps group and individuals understand their cultural proficiency. The IDI can be used for team development, leadership development or individual coaching. It is an excellent tool for baseline assessment, needs analysis and program evaluations. The customized results can be given as individual profiles, group or subgroup profiles. A development plan is included with every profile.

Intercultural Conflict Style Inventory (ICS)

Everyone handles disagreements, conflicts and misunderstanding differently. The ICS gives participants in-depth information about their own approach to conflict as well as how others tend to deal with it. The ICS is a great team building exercise and is great lead into cultural differences.

IDI Guided Development

Guided development services provide the integration of quantitative and qualitative methods that more effectively engage cultural difference. This will answer the question, "now that we have our IDI assessment study results what can we do?" Guided development provides clients a process for selecting, designing and implementing targeted opportunities for individuals, teams and organizational levels to build intercultural competence through workshops, trainings or coaching.