Sherry Bruckner

Sherry Bruckner

Originally from Wisconsin, Sherry graduated from Hamline University’s College of Liberal Arts and earned her law degree from William Mitchell College of Law.  Sherry is well versed in communication and has briefed the appellate courts in Kentucky and Minnesota. She has rich experience in public speaking, facilitating conversations, and problem-solving.  She currently seeks a Master of Arts in Systematic Theology from St. John’s School of Theology.  Sherry cares deeply about ethics, human dignity, and social justice.

Sherry finds it fulfilling to hear peoples’ stories, listening and then developing practical solutions to resolve issues. She finds that diversity makes for a deeper and richer community environment, wherever the community may be.  “It is exciting to see people acknowledge and embrace their uniquenesses and truly grow to appreciate each other.”

Sherry likes to read, bike, and travel.  Sherry has participated in and facilitated in-depth diversity and inclusion trainings and welcomes the opportunity to share her experiences and knowledge with, and learn from, any audience.


Areas of Expertise

Conscious Injustice

Diversity 101

Diversity of Beliefs 101

Economic Diversity

New Conversations: Uncovering Five Myths That Support Racism Facilitator

New Conversations about Race and Racism Facilitator

Social Statement Diversity of Christian Religions

Understanding Differences in World Religions