Steve Pederson

Steve Pederson

Steve has made education his life; with experience in K-12, numerous workshops on diversity and inclusion and with a focus on biases (conscious and unconscious) and how they relate to inequities. Eliminating inequality and oppression are what drive him. Having a multi-racial adoptive family has brought anti-racism to the forefront of his work. This includes cultural competence, bias, power and privilege, and issues related to class structure.   

Steve has participated in numerous workshops and panels over the years, usually in a leadership or facilitating role. He helped form the Cultural Inclusiveness Committee for the city of Alexandria, MN through the office of the mayor. He is a facilitator of “New Conversations about Race and Racism” and “Uncovering Five Myths That Support Racism” through the St. Paul Foundation, where he was also awarded the 2012 Facing Race Ambassador Award. He is a member of the Community Action Diversity Council, an advisory committee of the Minnesota State College and University system on issues of diversity, access and opportunities in higher education. Steve is also a qualified administrator of the Intercultural Developmental Inventory (IDI) and the Intercultural Conflict Style Inventory assessment.

Steve loves spending time with his children and likes to keep up with diversity and human issues via books, audio books, discussions, trainings, seminars and conferences; he is in a never-ending mode of self-improvement. His goal is to get rid of harmful “isms” in society and all the negativity that comes with them. Steve enjoys sharing his experiences and talents with the business, corporate and education communities whenever he has the opportunity.

Areas of Expertise
  • General Diversity
  • Anti-Racism
  • Unconscious Bias
  • Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI)
  • IDI Guided Development
  • New Conversations: Uncovering Five Myths That Support Racism Faciliator
  • Intercultural Conflict Style Inventory (ICS)

Mr. Pederson has demonstrated his commitment to creating an inclusive community both at the personal and social level.  Personally, he is the parent of children from backgrounds very different from his own.  At the community or social level, he is currently serving with a number of organizations that are committed to equality and justice.  His participation as a member of the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities system’s Community Action Diversity Council is an example of his commitment and work to create higher education access and opportunity for all Minnesotans particularly those who have traditionally been underrepresented.

Whitney Harris, Executive Director for Diversity and Multiculturalism for MnSCU

Steve is able to personally explain the challenges of how prejudices and behaviors that manifest themselves against people for no other reason than how they look, can affect children, adults, and families.  He is a credible presenter not only for that reason but because he truly projects a passion for the Diversity message

Brian Baustian, ITW Heartland’s General Manager

Serving as a founding member of the City of Alexandria’s Cultural Inclusiveness Committee, Steve exemplifies a leader that truly makes diversity and inclusion a top priority.  I am inspired by Steve’s commitment to social inclusion, learning, the celebration and promotion of cultural diversity and working in partnership.  I am thankful for all he has done to champion efforts to make Alexandria a welcoming, vibrant and inclusive community.

Karin Tank, Assistant Planner and Administrative Aide, City of Alexandria

Steve Pederson is a unique man and farmer with a communication and interaction style that I would describe as a "Quiet Storm." He's willing to challenge the status quo with passion, enthusiasm, and diplomacy. He does it in manner where people actually listen and process his words. As a facilitator of diversity and social justice issues I was inspired by Steve's commitment  to creating a diversity friendly, inclusive, and welcoming communities and organizations. He definitely possesses a zest to eliminate and eradicate injustices, inequities, and inequalities of all kinds. The City of Alexandria and its surrounding communities should be delighted to have Steve Pederson as one of its Diversity Champions and Social Justice Advocates.

Jermaine Davis, College Faculty and Professional Speaker/Facilitator

As Vice-Chair and an originating member of the City’s Cultural Inclusiveness Committee, Steve helps to weave diversity and inclusiveness into the fabric of Alexandria.  Steve also recognizes that the responsibility for promoting a culture of inclusiveness is not simply an organizational agenda or limited exclusively to one committee, for Steve it is a personal charge.  Steve is able to mobilize a variety of resources to help accomplish action items and coordinate efforts amongst other community organizations.  Steve has been vital to the Cultural Inclusiveness Committee in providing education, research and funding opportunities to increase knowledge and skills related to inclusiveness and diversity.

H. Dan Ness, Mayor of Alexandria, MN